Exxon Mobil Jet II Oil Aircraft-Type Gas Turbine Lubricant

Your aircraft will run more smoothly when you use high performance Exxon Mobile Jet Oil II. This aircraft gas turbine lubricant combines highly stable synthetic base fluid with a well-formulated chemical additive package for superior results over a wide operating temperature range. As for the Exxon Mobile Jet Oil II price - well, it’s SkyGeek, so you know it’s highly affordable!
  • Effective from -40 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Used in commercial and military aircraft gas turbine engines
  • Low pour point; ideal for nearly all environments with great pumpability
  • Exxon Mobil Jet II Mil Spec - meets or exceeds military specification MIL-PRF-23699F STD
  • Compatible with other synthetic gas turbine lubricants that meet the same standards
Mobil Jet Oil II has the following builder approvals

  • Honeywell/Lycoming-Turbine engines
  • Rolls-Royce/Allison Engine Company
  • CFM International
  • General Electric Company
  • IAE International
  • Pratt and Whitney Group
  • Pratt and Whitney, Canada
  • Rolls-Royce Limited
  • Honeywell/Garrett-Turbine Engine Company
  • Turbomeca


  • Honeywell-Auxiliary power units and air cycle machines
  • Hamilton Standard-Starters
  • Hamilton Sundstrand corp.- APUs, Constant-speed drives and integrated-drive generators
Mobil Jet Oil II is recommended for aircraft gas turbine engines of the turbo-jet, turbo-fan, turbo-prop, and turbo-shaft (helicopter) types in commercial and military service. It is also recommended for aircraft-type gas turbine engines used in industrial or marine applications. Mobil Jet Oil II is approved against U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699. It is also compatible with other synthetic gas turbine lubricants meeting MIL-PRF-23699. However, mixing with other products is not recommended because the blend would result in some loss of the performance characteristics of Mobil Jet Oil II. Mobil Jet Oil II is compatible with all metals used in gas turbine construction, as well as with F Rubber (Viton A), H Rubber (Buna N), and silicone seal materials.